Take Home Whitening in Austin, Tx

Venus White Ultra

Pre-filled, disposable whitening trays

Venus White Ultra take home whitening trays are already filled with the right quantity of mint-flavored gel. This makes them quick, convenient and very simple to use. They mold to each of your teeth very firmly and give you comfort as well as efficiency. The best thing about them is that they are disposable. You can use a new tray every day for seven days and you will have a brighter and more dazzling smile.

Venus White Pro

Take-home whitening for custom trays

You can make your smile up to seven shades whiter. Venus White Pro is a high-performance take home whitening system that is specially formulated for use at home. In conjunction with your dentist, you can come up with custom-fit trays and just the right amount of Venus White Pro gel that you will require.


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