Partial Dentures in Austin, Tx

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) help you replace teeth that are missing throughout your mouth for a lower cost. Partial Dentures are an alternative to implant placement. RPDs are of several types. The main similarity they all have is that they use standard plastic denture teeth in order to replace the missing natural teeth. The differences come in the materials that are used in supporting the denture teeth and in retaining the RPD in the mouth.

Valplast Partial (no metal)

The three main types of Partial Dentures are Conventional Partial Dentures, Semi-Precision Partial Dentures and Precision Partial Dentures. Clasps are used to hold Conventional Partial Dentures in place as they have a firm grip on the natural teeth. These clasps assist in keeping the partial denture properly positioned so as to enable chewing and swallowing among other activities that the mouth does. Semi-Precision Partial Dentures use interlocking components rather than clasps. These provide a firmer grip than that provided by conventional partials. This is done by an extension which connects with a complementing section on an existing tooth or a crown. Lastly, Precision Partial Dentures have interlocking components which are engineered to very high tolerances. They are provide a better fit than the other two partial dentures.


The main disadvantage of conventional partial dentures is that the metallic part is sometimes visible. This greatly reduces their aesthetic value. This is as opposed to the precision and semi-precision partial dentures which do not show any metal. These two types of partial dentures also press more evenly on the adjacent teeth. This means that they are more comfortable.


Partial Dentures can be removed completely. They are normally made of metal and pink plastic. They also usually have missing false teeth attached to them. The devices used here are made to match your natural teeth. There are some partial dentures that are made of nothing else but plastic or flexible acrylic.


Having missing teeth can be a very serious problem. If not taken care of early, tooth loss can cause the rest of your teeth to change position. This will eventually damage your mouth tissue. This will further cause your face and your lips to sag, interfering with your speech. Not only will having a partial denture improve your teeth’s appearance, it will also improve your ability to chew and prevent further loss of teeth.


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