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Home Whitening systems are affordable and effective! Even though smiling is the ultimate show of happiness, some people find it hard to smile if they have teeth that are not as white as they want them to be or if their lips are cracked. However, new breakthroughs in the medical field are bound to get such people grinning from ear to ear once again. Discussed on this page are some of the best teeth whiteners and brighteners as well as tips on how to apply beautiful shades of red lipstick to couple your new found smile.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home

On a long list of items that includes special toothpastes, trays and strips, you may be at a loss as to what really works and what doesn’t. Here, you will get our experts’ revelations on the best way to go about it as well as advice on why it is necessary to consult a dentist prior to implementing this DIY approach.

What is the Reason Behind the Change in Teeth Color?

Age and the foods you eat are the number one culprits. As you grow older, your teeth’s enamel becomes weaker and thinner therefore revealing the dark dentine that is hidden beneath it. It has been said that the consumption of colored liquids over a long period of time can also cause staining. Beverages such as cola, tea, coffee and even red wine are all to blame for the change in your teeth’s color. If you are a smoker, the tobacco stains are also on this list.

How Do At-Home Whiteners Work?

The primary ingredient in many teeth whiteners is peroxide. Peroxide is safe for the mouth. It works by forming bubbles on the enamel. These bubbles then lift away all the stains from the enamel leaving your teeth white as snow. The whiteness that your teeth will get from this procedure will depend on the concentration of the peroxide as well as the length which it stays in your mouth. There is, however, one disadvantage to this. Sometimes, the bleaching molecules get trapped in nerve passageways and this increases your teeth’s sensitivity. However, this is only a temporary side effect and can easily be treated with swishing with a fluoride rinse to counter the sensitivity.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

According to Matthew Messina, D.D.S. who works for the American Dental Association as a consumer adviser, anyone with a healthy mouth and who has visited a dentist in the past year is a good candidate for this teeth whitening procedure. However, there are three groups of people for whom DIY teeth whitening is not advised. These are people whose teeth are painfully sensitive to cold; people who have crowns or filings in their front teeth and those people whose enamels appear gray rather than yellow. For people with filling or crowns, the peroxide will only darken the surrounding teeth.

According to leading dentists, there is a way in which you can assess how white your teeth will be after your dentist has given you the green light to whiten them by yourself. You can do this by holding a white piece of printer paper next to your teeth. If the teeth look yellow, then the stains are just on the surface of the teeth and the DIY will work. However, if the teeth look gray, then the discoloration lies inside the teeth and no amount of bleaching agent will bring about any changes.


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