Gone are the old days when dental implant placement were exclusively done by oral surgeons and periodontists. Even though we still refer some of our complicated implant cases to these specialists, Dr. Yarbrough is capable of placing most Dental Implants for most any situation. With his extensive training and completion of an Implant Preceptorship at University of Texas San Antonio Health and Science Center, Dr. Yarbrough has been highly trained for placing Dental Implants. The functions of dental implants include replacing single teeth, replacing multiple teeth and provide abutments for complete or partial dentures. The main focus of this topic is the placement of single-tooth dental implants.


Implants can be used for two main purposes. They can either be used to replace multiple teeth and/ or single teeth. They can also be used to give abutments for partials or complete dentures.


On top of assessing the patient’s overall health, it is important to check the existence of periodontal diseases like peri-implantisis. This is a periodontal condition that is more or less like periodontitis which is associated with the inflammation of gingival tissues and formation of pockets. In some extreme cases, it can lead to the loss of bone and this can cause a failure of the implants. This will also put the implants which have been placed adjacent to teeth with periapical lesions at a great risk of failure. Smoking is also another patient factor which has been associated with peri-implant microbiota.

Implant placement cannot be contradicted by the presence of dental caries on adjacent teeth. However, active decay should be assessed and removed from the teeth and restored prior to carrying on with surgical procedures, in most cases.


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