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Zirconium Coated Crown

Porcelain Crowns have been around forever, and Porcelain Fused to Metal or PFM have always been the standard of care, however, with latest advancements in porcelain materials, we can make all porcelain crowns with zirconian interfaces that are almost as strong as metal! Before bonding technology became commonplace, it was almost always necessary for dental crowns to be made with a metal foundation. However, times have changed and nowadays, they can be made using porcelain only in addition to other ceramic like materials. However, a metal foundation is still necessary in some cases as there are instances when it needs to be used on the back teeth for more support and foundation. However, if such a foundation sticks out when you smile, it is better if the foundation was made of material that looks as close to the natural color of teeth as possible. The photos at the bottom of this page show how good porcelain looks when used as foundation for your teeth.

Why Porcelain Crowns Are Needed

Porcelain crowns are very necessary for badly broken down teeth. These come in handy during serious tooth decay as ordinary fillings will not suffice. If a tooth is repaired by using porcelain is it will be next to impossible for people to tell whether or not it is real.

Most of the porcelain crowns we produce are manufactured in-house using a state of the art CEREC®️ crown designing system which is also computer aided CEREC®️. This enables us to re-appoint you earlier for your crown insertion appointment. However, if you have other engagements during this time, the crown can be made as you wait. While the latter option will make you stay a little bit longer during your appointment, it is still ideal for people who have busy schedules. To make your brief stay with us more comfortable, there are blankets, chairs, TV’s and music as well as headphones which you can use as you wait.


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