CEREC® Omnicam in Austin, Tx

For years, Dr. Yarbrough has been using Cerec®️ technology to design, fabricate and mill zirconian (porcelain) crowns. By using this great technology for over 10 years, Westgate Family Dental has been able to extend many benefits to our patients. What are these benefits you might ask? There are many! But first, what is Cerec®️?

Cerec®️ is a CAD/CAM or Computer Aided Device/Camera that allows the dental practitioner to take CAD type scans of the patient’s existing tooth structure pre-operatively and operatively. We then in turn use these images to make a virtual crown design for your prepared tooth that will receive the crown. We have the capability to mimic the look and feel of the surrounding teeth. We can construct the anatomy, check the bite, create thickness where need be and virtually design your new tooth/crown from the ground up. Cerec®️ also allows us to not only use these designs and mill your crown in house, but also allows us to seat that crown all in one same visit; thus allowing our patients to have their dental visit taken care of in one appointment, rather than two separate appointments.

When we first started using Cerec®️, we had to use a radio-opaque powder that would allow us to take the image and show our preparation lines and margins. This process was mildly restrictive because we were only capable of taking quadrant pictures however effective, the technology has improved, greatly. With the new Cerec®️ Omnicam we are able to take full digital impressions, meaning, no more messy powder, no more impressions and little room for error! We can take a quick 5 minute scan of your entire mouth and voila, we have a full mouth digital impression. The Cerec®️ Omnicam not only gives us scans for your crown preparation but now allows us to use these scans to make appliances such as night guards, sleep appliances, snore orthotics and clear braces such as Clear Correct. As a matter of fact, Clear Correct Braces now accept our digital impressions with the Omnicam as well. Why does this matter? It matters because we can take a quick, no fuss digital impression of your mouth with our camera without ever having to take a physical impression which means no mess, no trays and no gag reflex.

Because of this extremely accurate and efficient equipment we also have a milling unit that allows us to offer same day crown preparation and seat. The appointment length is increased slightly when electing to do all same day, but you will not have to re-appoint for a second visit to place the crown/restoration.

Dr. Yarbrough carefully invests his money in the best technology; not the latest gadget, but technology that will better serve our patients and our office. By having equipment that allow us more efficiency we can then in turn give that opportunity back to our patient by providing a better dental experience by reducing the amount of dental appointments and by giving them a beautiful restoration hand crafted in our office.


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