Got Crowding?

For all of you that have made it through life thus far, without ever having to contend with braces or crowded teeth, consider yourself lucky! For the rest of us, braces and crowded teeth are a way of life and without braces, the complications associated with crowded teeth creates more monsters than you can shake a stick at!

Fixing crowded teeth is not just for aesthetics it is also for your overall oral health. Crowded teeth have a tendency to cause copious oral health difficulties. Why is this? Well, to start with your mouth is a living breathing thing. You have live tissues that need circulation and blood flow in order to provide life to your bone and tooth structures, ligaments and nerves around your teeth. When this blood flow is disrupted by bacteria, destruction supervenes.

Crowded teeth can be the cause of plentiful dental issues simply because crowded teeth prohibit you from properly cleaning your teeth and gums. Bacteria accumulates around those crevices causing decay and sometimes unforeseen decay because of the crowding as it can mask decay on an x-ray and sometimes doesn’t become evident until it has turned into a grander problem.

In addition to the devastation crowded teeth causes to our teeth, there are also the gums to consider as well. Your gums are your life force and protective covering for your bone and teeth. If bacteria sits on your gums and is not cleaned properly over periods of time, that bacteria will begin to eat away at your gum tissue causing it to recede, which will then give way to the bone as bacteria will settle in and round the bone which hold your teeth into place, creating a myriad of issues, bone loss, periodontal disease, gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, bleeding, odor. You get the picture.

There are several options to fix rotated, and crowded teeth, the orthodontic approach is the most common, braces. And now there is Invisalign, which can simply fix these issues with clear retainer, minus the brackets and long term commitment. For simple cases, Invisalign is a great alternative and Dr. Yarbrough is now an Invisalign provider. During your next examination, ask us about Invisalign and see if you are candidate. In more extreme cases, we can elevate your care to an orthodontist to help fix severe crowding issues with traditional braces. Our goal is to keep you worry free from long term dental issues, because the older we get the worse the crowding becomes and the harder it is treat. So don’t wait, call us today and schedule your Invisalign consultation!

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