CEREC® Omni-Cam is Surprising Patients with an inside Look of Their Mouth

Dentists are benefiting from digital scanners that are allowing them to offer patients a view of their mouths for building trust and to enable them to become involved with their dental care. Patients generally cannot see inside their mouths or understand how dentists are examining them. Things are changing at a fast pace with the introduction of CEREC®OmniCam digital scanner which as a modular unit is proving to be a great method of imaging patients because it has opened up the process of the treatment with the patient involved in almost everything.

Not every dentist is using CEREC to digitally scan the mouths of patients. However, dentists that are looking forward to improving relationships with patients like the Austin dentist near me are doing has benefited greatly because it is allowing them to offer more than they could do earlier. The CEREC®OmniCam in Austin, TX, is allowing the dentist to enquire with patients about what should be done with teeth that are breaking down or need fillings by getting the patient involved in the choice process. Patients are also happy to make decisions by themselves whenever they want something done rather than when it is dictated to them by the dentist.

CEREC Is Also Involving the Entire Team of the Dental Professional

Dentists are busy professionals and often have to visit outdoor locations to attend to patients. However, patients at their practice do not stop visiting them and often need data to be captured for processes like placing implants. Thankfully, the OmniCam from CEREC is making it easier for the dental team of the professional to capture the data required by becoming involved in the process of scanning. The dentist in Austin, TX, also utilizes the method similarly when his or her team scans the patient with the OmniCam to leave the planning of the implant later for the dentist. Therefore it is becoming an effective method of involving the entire team of the dentist and entrusting them with more responsibilities.

The digital scanning is allowing dentists to view their preparations in high definition to determine if any flaws are present. The laboratory can also check it immediately when the scan is uploaded and report back to check for any issues. This was not the case with conventional impressions where dentists were often missing parts of an impression and needing the patient to return for additional appointments to create time-consuming work for everyone. The OmniCam allows dentists to do everything digitally regardless of whether they are involved in restorative work within their practice.

Patients Are Also Happy with Digital Scanning

Dentist 78745 has realized that scanning digitally can save them from doing messy impressions which many patients hate because they believe they may choke on the material. However, getting digital scans is a different matter altogether and patients are also happy with them. Dentists no longer have to ask patients about their feeling of certain processes that need to be carried out. The benefit of digitally scanning the patient is just great for everyone and is perhaps the reason why the CEREC®OmniCam is fast gaining in popularity in the world of dentistry. More practitioners are today prepared to invest in digital technology because it is enabling a patient-driven process allowing them to deliver more efficiently and effectively to the patient. Digital scanning with CEREC®OmniCam is a fantastic way for dentists that want to engage with their patients more effectively by avoiding the mess created by conventional impressions.

Types of CEREC Solutions for Workflows of Different Types

Dentists are free to choose from what they need and discover their way of using CEREC. Dentists involved in restorative dentistry can make intuitive use of the CEREC software with a broad variety of materials and excellent milling and grinding results. Those involved in orthodontics can create a faster treatment plan with aligners provided to them by fast and highly accurate digital impressions with OmniCam. The use cases of CEREC for dentists are endless because it is offering them digital solutions for chairside dentistry. The practice is free to choose from what is needed with support being provided by CEREC whenever required by the dentist.

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