Brushing in a Rush

In today’s busy lives, when are we NOT in a rush?  Most people know that you are susposed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes morning and night.  But are we really that good at brushing for the full 2 minutes?  The average time an adult spends brushing their teeth is less than 30 seconds.  And for kids, only 17 seconds!

So, let’s do the math.  Adults typically have 28 teeth (32 minus wisdom teeth removed).  So if we spend 28 seconds brushing our 28 teeth, we are spending about a second per tooth.  Ok, so the toothbrush covers more than one tooth at a time, but teeth have more than one surface!  They actually have 5:  cheek side, tongue side, biting surface and the two sides where they touch.  When brushing you can only reach 3 of those 5.  If your toothbrush covers about three teeth at a time, we are even again and you are back down to 1 second per tooth (and guess what you have to do to get the other 2 surfaces).  You deserve more than that!

Time is money.  You may have heard this saying in the working world, but it can be applied everywhere.  When it comes to their teeth, I tell people they can spend one or the other.  If you spend the time to properly brush (and floss!) your teeth regularly, you will spend less money repairing the damage from inadequate care.  Who doesn’t like to save money?  I challenge you to take a timer to your morning routine and see how much time you spend caring for your teeth.  You may be surprised at just how long 2 minutes really is!

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