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Second Root Canal Same Tooth

Root Canal ProcedureDue to his extensive knowledge and experience on root canal and second root canal procedures, Dr. Yarbrough is frequently contacted to re-treat a patient from another dentist. By filling the cracked enamel of a tooth or recreating the missing portions of a tooth, Dr. Yarbrough can fix very many types of tooth damage.  There are some instances in which a tooth’s damage goes beyond the outer portion of the tooth and into the tooth pulp. Once the tooth’s pulp is infected, an endodontic treatment (a root canal procedure) is going to be necessary. Problems of the tooth pulp are Dr. Yarbrough’s main specialization.

Diagnosing and treating of the pulp and the surrounding tissues of the tooth is called endodontics. Provision of root canal re-treatment and apicoectomy and treatment of root canals are all procedures that Dr. Yarbrough is familiar with.

The procedures for re-treating a root canal are the same. However, a repeat root canal treatment tends to take more time than the original one. This is because Dr. Yarbrough will have to remove the previous filling material before he can do the second root canal.

There are some people who may require endodontic surgery instead of or after re-treatment. For instance, if the tooth that has had root canal treatment has a post-and-core restoration, it is usually quite a challenge to remove the tooth without injuring it. Endodontic surgery may be necessary if the tooth is still infected even after re-treatment.

Dr. Yarbrough will make a small incision in the gum near the tooth during endodontic surgery. He will then clean the infected tissue around the tip of the tooth. He will then shave off several millimeters of the root, clean the inside of the canal and place fillings at the end of the root. The incision will finally be stitched.

This surgery’s success rate is 90%. In the rare case that this procedure is not successful, the only option left will be to extract the tooth.

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