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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentA Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that involves the cleaning and removal of the blood and nerve supply of the tooth called the pulp. The removed tissue is replaced, the canals are disinfected and then filled with rubbery material and sealer called gutta percha.

Pulp lies at the center of your tooth. Several things can cause infection of the pulp. These include deep decay, trauma to the tooth, repeated dental procedures or cracks and chips. The symptoms of such an infection include – a visible injury or swelling of the tooth an increased sensitivity to pain and temperature.

The space within the root of a tooth is called the Root Canal. The root canal procedure removes the injured pulp described above and the root canal system is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. Such therapy normally involves local anesthesia. It may also be completed in one or more visits. It all depends on the treatment that is required.

The main function of the dental pulp is to form dentin as your teeth are developing. Once the tooth has attained its final size and shape, there dental pulp has no further purpose. It then becomes a sensory organ which provides nutrients to the surrounding tissues.

Because we remove the blood and nerve supply of the tooth when doing a root canal, the tooth over time becomes brittle and can break. The recommended course of treatment post-root canal is to place a full coverage crown over the tooth as it will protect it from breakage down the road. Depending on the location of the tooth, this will determine whether or not Dr. Yarbrough will prepare for a Porcelain Fused To Metal Crown or a Porcelain Crowns.

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