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New Patient Special

Take advantage of our New Patient Special! We offer all new patients a $115 full exam and full series of x-rays and a FREE Gift. By mentioning this special, you can escape the idea that your first dental visit is going to be expensive. We will thoroughly examine your oral health, treatment plan what you have, what you need and what any or all of your dental treatment will cost. With a full series of x-rays we can look at all of your teeth, the roots and bone health of your mouth. We are thorough in our exams and will always do the very best to answer any of your questions or concerns. We want our patients leaving our office with more knowledge about they oral health than what they came in with.

What You Get For $115

Full Comprehensive Examination – Which means we look at every tooth, record what you have and what you need as far as treatment
Full Oral Cancer Screening – In addition to using the Velscope to detect mutated tissues unable to be seen by the human eye, we also perform a thorough examination of the roof of the mouth, tongue, throat and gum tissues
Full Series of X-rays – A complete set of x-rays or a panoramic x-ray depending on the patient and the doctor’s discrepancy
FREE Gift – Your choice between a gift card or electronic toothbrush in addition to re-usable tumbler.
You Save $279!

Dr. Yarbrough new patient special coupon


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