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At Westgate Family Dental, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yarbrough  offers a number of teeth whitening options. We want out patients to have options to make the best possible decision for their smile and their pocketbook!

Compared to a child’s adult teeth, the deciduous teeth are usually much whiter. The older that one grows, the darker the adult teeth become. This is because of the change in the tooth’s mineral structure because enamel becomes less porous. Another reason why the teeth become less white is due to stains from foods, tobacco and bacterial pigments. Some antibiotic medications like tetracycline are also responsible for reducing the brilliance of teeth’s enamel.

We offer “in-office” Laser Whitening. Laser Whitening is a safe, effective, 1 hour whitening procedure. A liquid dam barrier is placed around the gums to protect the tissue; a whitening gel is then placed on the teeth which is activated by a diode laser. The laser activates the bleaching material and speeds up the bleaching process. One of the benefits of the using a diode laser for in office whitening is that it causes less sensitivity to both tissue and tooth. For optimal results, we will also send you home with a home whitening system to continue the whitening process for 3-5 days after your “in-office” Laser Whitening appointment.

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