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Senior Health

Senior Health

Senior HealthUnlike previous years, modern day seniors can expect to have all their teeth intact because of modern preventative dentistry. For this reason, it is equally important for them to observe good oral hygiene practices as well as make regular visits to the dentist’s. The older you grow, you should realize that there are some alterations that you need to make in the way that you clean your mouth and teeth.

Toothbrush Modifications
When you find that holding a toothbrush of flossing your teeth is becoming harder and harder, ask your dentist to give you alternatives on how you can do this. Another tribute to senior health is how you are brushing your teeth. There are some modifications to your brush that can be done in order to make brushing your teeth easier.

Caring for Dentures (or false teeth)
Your false teeth should be given the same care as your natural teeth. This can be done by:

Do not sleep with your dentures (false teeth). Every night before you sleep, take them off, clean them using a toothbrush (without any toothpaste), then rinse them and soak them overnight in warm water.

If you notice any changes in how your dentures fit your mouth, contact your dentist.

Seniors and Cavities
No matter how little of your natural teeth are left, there is still the chance of them developing cavities. The root of the tooth is the region where many seniors are likely to have a cavity. Brushing your teeth regularly and flossing throughout your lifetime is the surest way of avoiding this.

Dry Mouth or Xerostomia
Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia comes about when the glands that produce saliva stop functioning due to contacting a disease or when undergoing cancer treatment. This low level of saliva in your mouth will increase the chances of you getting cavities because the saliva in your mouth is a natural cleanser of bacteria from your teeth.

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