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Implant Crowns

Implant Crowns

The term ‘implant crown’ is used by some experts in the field of dentistry to refer to the restoration of a dental implant. Restoration in this context means creating an artificial tooth and then connecting it to a dental implant. The restoration process normally starts immediately after the placement of the implant. Once the surgery is completed, it takes about 3 months for the tissue to recover.

implant crown

A hole in the gum tissue will be punctured above the dental implants as soon as the treatment area is ready. On top of these implants, an abutment is going to be screwed. This abutment is normally an metallic cylinder onto which the artificial tooth is built.

Abutments are of different types, each of which has a different width, length, color and angle. The aim of this is to provide the patient with sufficient choice so that he or she can find the type that looks as close to his or her natural teeth as possible. Once the right abutment has been fitted by the dentist, the measurements of your teeth are going to be taken.

After the measurements have been taken, the dentist will send them to a laboratory so that the final tooth can be built. Meanwhile, a temporary implant is going to be placed on the abutment until the final tooth will be ready for placement.

When the final restored implant crown is ready, your dentist will place it on the implant and final adjustments will be made if needed. From that day on your new tooth should look and function just like any other tooth in your mouth, requiring the same care and attention as all the other teeth.

Once the final tooth is ready, the dentist will contact you and it will be placed on the implant. The final adjustment will also be made if necessary. Your teeth should then look and function like any natural teeth. However, you should make sure that you observe the same levels of dental hygiene as before.

The same process applies for a patient who is going through a multiple implant restoration. The final implant crown could either be several crowns connected together by a bridge or they could be multiple single crowns. The final outcome is always a new, beautiful and confident smile!

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